Orkeed was founded in 2006 by a group of young professionals passionate about all things that are in digital marketing. Orkeed was created to help new coming companies to be able to compete with competitors by using different search engines and through them attract and enhance more followers on the daily basis. Through innovation, Orkeed was able to extend in Phoenix, AZ. Orkeed services have business’ of all sizes throughout the Phoenix-Metro area and the United States. Over the years Orkeed has grown tremendously and have recently opened offices in London, Madrid, and Oslo to better serve our clients in the nearby regions.

At Orkeed we offer SEO, paid search, social media strategy, and consulting services.We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to help your company meet your goals. Our clients are our priority in bringing more brand awareness and increase followers. Not only are we able to keep the existing followers, but we can attract new customers and retain them as well. Since the foundation of the company, we have been successful by using not only the organic, but the paid search as well to better serve our clients at a less expensive service and at the same time better result in the long term.