Why does Instagram matter?

If you come to örkeed, we make sure that Instagram brings you the visibility goals you’ve always wanted. Using Instagram will increase website traffic through having customers engage with your brands content. You will increase in followers since people would be able to see the visibility of your company and learn about your company offerings. That will also lead to creating a stronger relationship with followers (customers) by seeing their input on the offerings. We reply to customer messages and use those ideas to increase your website conversion rate. Not only does Instagram do all those things, it also has a cheaper usage availability and more effective content that relates to all the target followers. It’s cheaper, brings in more followers, and helps increase the usage traffic.

  1. Instagram is already huge

The social network has 400 million active users who share more than 80 million photos each day. Moreover, it has 26% of Americans domestically and internationally. Furthermore,  76% of users come from outside the United States.

  1. It’s growing rapidly

Instagram has a huge user base and has been growing every year and is projected to grow by 16% next year.  It has been predicted that by 2019, one-third of all people in the United States will own an Instagram account.

  1. Instagram has a young and passionate user base

Instagram has one of the youngest user basis of any social network; some 53% of the platform’s users are under the age of 29 and 62% of Americans ages 12–17 are on the network. In fact, 32% of U.S. teens say Instagram is the most important social network in their lives—the most of any platform.

  1. Its audience is highly engaged

Not only that Instagram has an outrageous users base,  it also has a lot of highly engaged users. 49% of active users use Instagram daily, and the average brand post gets 120X more interactions compared with Twitter.

  1. Instagram is positioned perfectly for the future

With its 100% mobile user base, highly visual feed, new curation tools, and expanded messaging capabilities, Instagram is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the biggest emerging social and commerce trends. Instagram also is the perfect social media website to bring in more users base and followers.



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